General Rules & Regulation

    1. Every student should be smartly dressed for the school in the prescribed school uniform wearing of school tie, belt, ID card and well-polished black shoes (Sweater and Blazer during winter) is compulsory.
    2. All boys should sport a trimmed haircut at all times. The rule does not apply to those students who are bound by religious laws. Girls should plait their hair with oxford blue ribbons. (White during Saturdays) and can wear a hair band if they have very short hair.
    3. Application of Nail Polish, Kajal, Mehndi and wearing of oversized jewellery is not permissible in the school.
    4. All articles and other belongings such as bag and water bottle of the child must be neatly labeled with the child’s full name, class & section.
    1. All children must wear their identity cards daily, secured properly to their shirt’s left pocket.
    2. Loss of I-card should be reported immediately and an application should be submitted in the office for the issue of the duplicate I-card.
    1. All books and notebooks must be neatly covered and labeled.
    2. All pages in every notebook should be numbered and first page information must be completed and the index must be regularly updated, Bookmarks are compulsory.
    3. Children should not be allowed to tear pages from the notebooks. The value and importance to each paper must be stressed.
    1. Assessment is an important part of the school curriculum and the academic session has three terms for Play Group to U.K.G.
    2. Reports are given at the end of each term on the basis of a continue assessment of the work done by the child over a term.
    3. Parent must encourage children to participate in all school competition/sports activities and extracurricular activities.
    1. Keeping your child’s health and betterment in mind we request you to send nutritious food in Tiffin which the child can finish in 15 minutes during the school break.
    2. Parents are advised to ensure that the child has adequate breakfast before leaving home.
    3. Students of Play Group to 2nd to carry napkin / apron.
    1. No electronic gadgets such as Cell Phones, I Pod etc. are allowed to be brought inside the school campus if confiscated, and then the same will not be returned.
    2. Parents are responsible if your wards are a member of social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp etc. The School will not be responsible for any issue arises due to the social networking.
    1. Please ensure 100% attendance of your ward. Leave-taking should be only in emergency/during unavoidable circumstances with prior permission from the Principal.
    2. Parents are requested to plan their holiday programme with the family in such a way that it does not lead to mission the school curriculum.
    3. The school does not encourage the concept of short leave. Parents need to adhere to school timings. If the child is not well, do not send him / her to school. No child will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without prior permission of the principal.
    4. In case the child is absent from school for more than a day parents must inform the school through phone, followed by a written leave application, the parents must also record the child’s absence from the school in the school diary. Parents must also contact the class teachers for follow up the work done in the class in all the subjects.
    5. To honor the children who have a 100% attendance through the year we have a special certificate for them. Make sure your child is one of them.

After the first bell the school gate will be kept closed. The students find the gate closed will have to return home and the school not be responsible for them.

  1. Student should follow the school regulation regarding punctuality and uniform.
  2. Students are expected to show courtesy and respect to all and greet the members of the staff and visitors to the school.
  3. Students should be prompt to stand when a teacher enters the class room, greet the teacher and sit down when told to do so.
  4. Students are expected to stand properly when spoken to by their teachers.
  5. Running, shouting and loitering in the school premises should be avoided.
  6. Students should not spoil the walls with ink or chalk or scratch their names and initials on the walls or furniture.
  7. Breakages/damages must be reported to the class teacher promptly.
  8. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, injuring other students, indulging in malpractices during examination, destruction of school property or any serious breach of discipline will justify dismissal.
  9. Students should not wear any jewellery or bring valuable article to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss. Students must look after own belongings.
  10. Presence in the morning assembly is compulsory for every student. No student is allowed after the first bell. The school gate will be closed after first bell.
  11. To uphold the name of the school pupils must show exemplary conduct both in and out of the school.
  12. Students should keep their books clean, neatly covered with brown paper and properly marked.
  13. The names of the students who remain absent from school for more than a month without permission will be struck off the rolls.
  14. Students are advised to take up discipline not as an irksome burden but as a joyous pursuit for their own education and betterment. The ultimate objective of the school is to inculcate students the concept of self-discipline.

For Parents

  1. Parents are requested to extend their whole hearted co-operation to the school authorities in enforcing discipline.
  2. Parents are requested not to interfere with the Day to Day administration of the school. How every they are most welcome to offer their suggestions for the improvement of the school through their child’s home task diaries or during the PTA meeting.
  3. Parents are requested to ensure that
    1. The children come to school regularly, punctually, and neatly.
    2. The children bring the school text books, notebooks and the stationary items required as per the timetable.
    3. The children do not indulge in malpractices during the examination.
    4. The children do their home work regularly.
    5. The children abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
    6. The children study regularly at home.
  4. Parents are requested to go through the school diary / hand book regularly. They can use the parents remarks column communicate with the teacher.
  5. Parents are requested to go through the note books and text books their ward(s) regularly.
  6. Parents are not allowed to see their children or meet any member the staff during the school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  7. Rude behaviors of the parents with any member of the school staff justify the dismissal of the ward of such parent.
  8. Any changed in the address / Phone number or any other information affecting the student’s record should inform to the school immediately.

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