Message from the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

TNMPS is committed to work for the creation of human communities of love, fellowship, freedom, justice and harmony, students are to be moulded by making them experience the significance of these values in the school itself

Education is the path by which an individual could illuminate and open up the envelop of darkness and could modify and improve the human behavior. The influence of each and every individual will be of beneficial to others. In other words each and every person in the ‘Torch bearer’ of the humanity whenever he may be. Every one of us grow into such a citizen that people will want the light of character and influence everyone. Each of us, therefore has the responsibility of being a good citizen as we are the link of chain, the chain is the society and the link is every person. We should carry the flame of goodness to one and all, to every nook and corner of the country which could enlighten the society.

So children, each one of you as you leave the school, has a flame to carry which you have to pass on to others the flame of knowledge, character and skill. These we pass on by using them in the service of our country.

Dr. Renu Singh. MSc Maths, PhD


T.N Memorial Public School

T.N Memorial Public School, Tilaura, Gorakhpur

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