Aim & Objectives

PGE & Cultural Society aims to promote the cultural and educational developments of the depressed villages. We aim to the children’s intellectual, mental and physical development through systematic training by well qualified, experienced and efficient faculties. We wish to tap out the best out everyone to mould every bud of a kid into a refined young man and there by enriching the civil society at the large. To accomplish the above goals we are here with a few vigorous steps. At first we take care to see that every child is personally taken care of. It is a kind of psychological support that goes a long way in stabilizing a child emotionally a pre-condition for learning to be successful and life sustaining. Secondly, stress is laid on core subject, in no way compromising with the learning qualities, so that a child can take off easily when chips are down, this modern and competitive world. To be double sure of success we offer compulsory computer education for a student from class I onwards, that provides the cutting edge in these days of cut – throat squabbling for job that are a few and far between. We assure that this model institution will yield a fabulous performance to cater the educational needs of the people of this locality restricting all the modern suicidal trends of education.

T.N Memorial Public School

T.N Memorial Public School, Tilaura, Gorakhpur

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